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 Ekta Kapoor remains Queen of Television at 35_"ARTICLE"

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PostSubject: Ekta Kapoor remains Queen of Television at 35_"ARTICLE"   Mon Jun 07, 2010 11:09 pm


Ekta Kapoor remains Queen of Television at 35

As Ekta Kapoor turns 35 today, let’s take a trip down memory lane and see what makes her the Queen of television. There is no doubt that Ekta and her company Balaji Telefilms are a big name in the television industry. Some would even go ahead to say that Ekta is the reason that the homes of many are running smoothly.

Currently she is busy organising her new show Tere Liye on Star Plus. The new trailers have already begun bombarding the television screens screaming out loud about 'Anurag' and 'Taani’s' love story. Very soon they will become a part of our lives like all the others have in the past.

Very often in random conversation you would mention a 'Tulsi' or 'Parvati' and 'Mihir' like they were always a part of your family. She created names like 'Sujal', 'Kashish', etc. and they soon became the actor’s identity. Till date many refer Smriti Irani as 'Tulsi', Sakshi Tanwar as 'Parvati' and Rajeev Khandelwal as 'Sujal'.

That’s the kind of magic Ekta created with her daily soaps. No one saw it coming but Ekta came, saw and conquered the television industry with the blink of an eye. Surely many tried to ape her ways and pattern but not many could capture the market that she by then solely dominated.

There may have been many instances when viewers sit before the television and complain that Ekta is all about marriages and extramarital affairs. Truly Ekta has been a sucker for love stories and high drama which includes marriages, extra marital affairs, tragic accidents leading to death and a sudden reincarnation with a new face and identity; but then who doesn’t like high pitched drama?

Ekta Kapoor was the first one to add all the mirch masala into the daily soaps. In other words, make it into a small film in itself with songs and glamorous vamps. She took great care in defining the character of the vamps and villains.

Ekta even made the clothes (read saris) her characters wore popular, and the retailers benefited as people flocked in to buy 'Kumkum' and 'Kamolika' saris and various attires.

Ekta Kapoor had started her stint at the age of 17 with the hit comedy show Hum Paanch which was then rated among the top charts. One of her earlier shows included Mano Ya Na Mano.

She has managed to feel the pulse of the masses and the latest trends. It was true that Ekta was very particular about naming all her serials with the letter 'K' but lately she has begun experimenting with other alphabets.

Her latest television soaps include Tere Liye, Pavitra Rishta, etc.

In addition to all this Ekta also produces films, some of which have starred her actor brother Tusshar Kapoor. Ekta's latest film, Love Sex Aur Dhoka directed by Dibankar Banerjee received rave reviews.

Clearly these are just a few feathers on her hat. Ekta plans to do a lot more and there would be no stopping her.

Do you think Ekta still has it in her? Have your say.

Letty Mariam Abraham ,
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Ekta Kapoor remains Queen of Television at 35_"ARTICLE"
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