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 'We don't follow dictatorship while judging'- Sonali Bendre

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'We don't follow dictatorship while judging'- Sonali Bendre Empty
PostSubject: 'We don't follow dictatorship while judging'- Sonali Bendre   'We don't follow dictatorship while judging'- Sonali Bendre Icon_minitime1Wed Jun 09, 2010 10:09 am

Sonali Bendre expresses responsibility and difficulty moving hand in hand as a judge..

'We don't follow dictatorship while judging'- Sonali Bendre A7A_sonali-bendre

The gorgeous and stunning Sonali Bendre finds herself in a state of mixed emotion on the absence of Shekhar Kapoor from the judging panel and the excitement of having Sajeed Khan the funny man replacing him..

What kind of talent are you expecting to witness in Khoj 2?
In the first season itself we have received amazing talent and now I'm just thinking that who and what kind of talent would beat the previous year's winner Prince Dance group. It's a great responsibility for us to search for such a talent and expectations are high because India is a talent treasure so I'm very excited about it.

What kind of judgment can be expected this year?
Last year we had shared our genuine responses with the audience and I feel the appreciation that comes straight from the heart is the nicest thing to do. Finally the show is about entertaining the audience so along with talent, entertainment quotient is also equally important. So at the end the talent which would be most entertaining will win the title.

How would you define an entertaining talent from the other?
Firstly the definition of entertainment is very subjective. But entertaining act as per the show is concerned I feel should be in a state to connect with the audience. Though we as judges would try to disseminate as much information we know about the act to the audience and help them take a decision but finally the winner will be announced on the basis of audience votes. So I hope the bets wins.

This year will you be missing Shekhar Kapoor's presence in the judging panel?
Last year when Shekhar Kapoor had joined the show he was totally unknown to me and through the show it was an honor to get in contact with such a talented and intelligent person and we shared an amazing rapport with him and we had a jolly time and today I can regard him as a very good friend of mine and ill surely miss him.
But this year we have Sajid Khan whom I know from years and a very funny man so I hope that's going to be fun too.

How do you feel being a judge?
I feel very responsible, because people come up to this show with lot of dreams and even kids showcase their talent and when we refuse them they feel very bad so that part of judging I feel is difficult.

How difficult would judging get this year?
See even though it was season 1 last year our judgment didn't' get lenient. And as we have to select the best of talent from various kinds of acts the channel has shortlisted on 3 panel of judges from different fields and apart from us it's the studio audience which works as the forth judge and most of the time they work as the most driving factor.
So all I can say is it's not a dictatorship rule but an opinion of different panel of judges.

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'We don't follow dictatorship while judging'- Sonali Bendre
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