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 I never sleep on my birthdays : Karan Wahi

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PostSubject: I never sleep on my birthdays : Karan Wahi   Thu Jun 10, 2010 5:11 pm

The angry but cute young man in Remix to the mature Dr Siddhant in Dill Mill Gayye. Karan Wahi is television’s heart throb. TellyChakkar caught up with Wahi who celebrates his birthday tomorrow to know his birthday plans on and off the sets…

Firstly wishing you a very happy birthday in advance, Karan…
Thank you so much.

So what are your birthday plans?
I will have a get together with a few friends at my place in the night. I have a holiday after so many days and I am going to enjoy myself.

What has been your most memorable birthday?
Every birthday is memorable for me. I try to celebrate all birthdays in the best possible manner. Because birthdays are just once a year and they never come back. All my lavish parties have stopped now and it is just my group of friends that I celebrate my birthday with. It has been five years now since I celebrated my birthday in Mumbai.

Most memorable gift you have received?
Every year I get whatever I want and wish. I feel birthdays are the best time to ask for whatever you want and I have been lucky because my parents have gifted me everything I have always wanted. I think mom and dad give you the best gift because they are priceless.

What gifts are you expecting this year from your loved ones?
My parents always give me what I want. This year I was confused about what to ask for and I went ahead and bought myself a Playstation3 which I have yet to use. But have asked mom to gift me a Polaroid camera. I am fascinated by them.

Your first birthday after being a part of Dill Mill Gayye?
Yeah, it’s my first birthday after I got to play Sid. The feeling is great. I miss a lot of members from my team as sometimes I have scenes only with Karan (Singh Grover) or Jenny (Jennifer Winget).

What gifts are you expecting from your co-stars?
I have told them very clearly that if they want to come to my party they better get gifts with them. I accept gifts in cash or kind, but I prefer cash because that gives me the liberty to buy whatever I want.

One person you want to meet on your birthday?
I want to meet my parents this year. I have never managed to celebrate my birthday with them in the past five years. Last year when I went to Delhi to celebrate my birthday my parents had gone to Pondicherry. Otherwise I meet everyone on and off but this time I want to celebrate it with my parents.

One gift you want to gift yourself?
I want to gift myself a LED soon and also I think I should avoid spending so much now. I want to save some money for myself since I want to buy a house.

One thing you religiously do on your birthday?
I have a major problem. I can never sleep on my birthday. I want to enjoy every moment of my birthday and I never sleep.

What is your dream birthday like?
Dream birthday…never thought of it! I have been thinking of going out with friends for a long time but that has never happened. I think this will happen only when I become like SRK or even acquire half his popularity and wealth then I will think about my dream birthday.

One special thing your fan has done for you?
Many things actually! I am getting birthday messages even before my birthday and I am really thankful to them. But I remember this one time my fan had gifted me a big scrap book which is one and a half feet tall and it is still there in my house. I thought it was very sweet. But I wonder why they have stopped doing such things now (laughs). Just kidding!
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I never sleep on my birthdays : Karan Wahi
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