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 'Karan' to exit from Bidaai

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PostSubject: 'Karan' to exit from Bidaai   Thu Jun 10, 2010 5:21 pm

Trouble maker Karan Rajvansh (Rahoul Lohani), the illegitimate child of Indrajeet (Avinash Wadhwan) is going to get his all answers from his father in the coming episodes of Bidaai. He will then exit from the show.

Karan is Kusum and Indrajeet’s son. “This week Karan will get his all answers from his father. My character will have a very emotional and logical end. After knowing the fact Karan will feel guilty about whatever treatment he had given to his family. He will then decide to leave the house as he does not deserve to stay with them. This is how my character will have a happy end. The creative team has done justice to my character and I do not know whether I will return in the show or not. My character was a cameo to begin with before it became a full-fledged role. Initially I was not ready to do this role but when they narrated the script to me, I took it up,” says Lohani.

A source says, “Karan is a nice person at heart however he had to bear many hardships due to his father. He wanted to take revenge but then he got to know the other side of the story and even Vasu will accept him as her third son. She will even forgive Indrajeet, she always suspected her husband had some past with Kusum but like any other loyal wife she will support him.”

However, the character of Karan will not have a definite end, so there is a chance that he may return in future.
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'Karan' to exit from Bidaai
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