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 Rohit Khurana endures a makeover in Uttaran

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PostSubject: Rohit Khurana endures a makeover in Uttaran   Thu Jun 10, 2010 5:28 pm

Vansh aka Rohit Khurana of Color TV Uttaran has got a complete changed look…

Vansh aka Rohit Khurana of Colors' Uttaran who's character is slowly sinking into the grey shade has also been endured with a new look to suit his aggressive and to be mature personality.

A little birdie informed us that, "On the occasion of Tapsya's (Rashmi Desai) parent's 25th Anniversary celebration Vansh enters the party in a formal suit like Blazer and shirt also a more formal hair style."

When contacted, Rohit asserted, "Yes, I have got a makeover in the serial a very formal look and more than just apt attire for the occasion it could also be associated with the wickedness and aggression that my character is undergoing at present."

When asked whether the look would be retained even after the celebration scene he replied, "I have no idea about it. I think it depends upon the audience if they appreciate my new look we would try to retain it."

Author & Reporter: Pooja Shenoy
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Rohit Khurana endures a makeover in Uttaran
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